Milk Fair Promotion at Econsave

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Milk Fair Promotion at Econsave

types of milk econsave

Milk Fair Promotion at Econsave

milk fair

Milk, a staple in many diets around the world, comes in a variety of forms. Whether it’s dairy or plant-based, each type of milk offers unique benefits and caters to different dietary needs.

Econsave is thrilled to announce its highly anticipated “Milk Fair”, great deals are waiting for the mums and dads. Whether you’re looking for fresh milk, UHT milk, flavored milk, condensed milk or formula milk, head to Econsave and grab the special offers

Other than that, customers can participate in the “Beli & Menang” contest which start from 31 May 2024 until 30 June 2024 with minimum purchase of RM15 of Goodday product and stand a chance to win RM2000 Econsave Voucher + 1 year worth of Goodday Charge supply.

Redeem Smart Toy set with purchase of 2 units of Anmum Essential 1.1Kg or Essential Gold Kg. Valid till 11 Jun 2024. *While stocks last.


Do you know the types of Milk?

Types of Milk
Dairy Milk Animal Milk Plant-Based Milk  Others Milk
Full cream milk Cow Milk Almond Milk Condensed Milk
Low fat milk Goat Milk Soy Milk Baby Milk
Coconut Milk
Oat Milk


Dairy Milk

These products come in different types, such as full cream milk, low-fat milk, catering to various dietary preferences and nutritional needs. Check out promotion from Dutch Lady, Fernleaf, Goodday or Magnolia. These dairy milk products are typically available in different packaging sizes, such as cartons or 1L bottles and may also include flavored options like chocolate or strawberry milk.

We currently have promotion for full cream milk / low fat milk as low as RM 22.50 for 4 x 1L packaging from Dutch Lady brand. Enjoy extra savings when you buy in cartons, making it an economical choice for families.

Animal Milk

Cow milk is packed with essential nutrients, including calcium, vitamin D, protein, and potassium, which are crucial for bone health, muscle function, and overall growth. The potassium in cow milk helps regulate blood pressure and supports cardiovascular health by counteracting the effects of sodium.

On the other hand, goat milk is rich in calcium, potassium, and vitamin A, and is easier to digest due to its smaller fat globules and lower lactose content, making it a good alternative for those with mild lactose intolerance or cow milk allergies.

Discover the best selection of nutritious cow and goat milk products at Econsave and boost your health today!

Plant-Based Milk

Almond milk, low in calories and free of saturated fat, is a great source of vitamin E, essential for skin health, and is lactose-free, making it ideal for those with lactose intolerance.

Soy milk, rich in protein, essential amino acids, vitamins, and minerals, is a popular choice for vegetarians and vegans. It’s can be used and adding it to coffee or smoothies. The brand that we have at Econsave is Homesoy and Vsoy.

Coconut milk, known for its rich, tropical flavor, is a staple in many Asian cuisines, enhancing curries, soups, and desserts. The popular brand we have at Econsave is Kara, Ayam Brand, and M&S.

Oat milk, with its creamy texture and mild flavor, is high in fiber, particularly beta-glucan, which helps lower cholesterol levels. It perfect for coffee, cereals, and baking.

You can find all these milk alternatives at Econsave, now available with promotions!

Condensed Milk

Sweetened Condensed Milk, also known as Sweetened Creamer, is a pasteurised product that is made by mixing sugar, milk components. Used as a sweetener or ingredient in desserts and beverages. Most popular brand is Marigold, F&N, Carnation, Saji, and Teapot. Currently at Econsave, brand Saji, 390g/500g s only at RM2.70

Formula Milk

Econsave is currently offering a promotion on formula milk until 11 June 2024. Brands commonly found at Econsave include well-known names such as Lactogrow, Fernleaf, Dugro, Nestle and Ensure Gold. You can purchase for as low as RM 59.80 and receive free smart toys as a gift. Additionally, there’s a discount available for Lactogrow milk, ideal for children aged 1 to 6 years old. Get these offers today!

Milk Fair Promotion

Milk is a versatile and essential part of many diets, with each type offering unique benefits. From the creamy richness of whole milk to the plant-based goodness of almond and soy milk, there’s milk for every taste and dietary need.

Econsave’s current promotions on various types of milk make it a great time to stock up on your favorites. Whether you prefer fresh, UHT, non-dairy, or flavored milk products, there’s something for everyone with good deals. Take advantage of these deals and ensure you always have a supply of nutritious milk at home. Visit your nearest Econsave store today and enjoy these offers!

Don’t miss out on Econsave’s Milk Fair until 11 June 2024. Your chance to enjoy great savings and win amazing prizes.


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