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Econsave Malaysia Day 2023 Promotions

Econsave, the largest chain of supermarkets and hypermarkets in Malaysia, is all set to celebrate Malaysia Day with a bang! This year’s Malaysia Day promotions are not just about great bargains; they’re a celebration of the spirit and diversity of Malaysia. From household essentials to delicious treats, there’s something for everyone during this special promotion period.

Econsave Malaysia Day 2023 Promotions - Econsave

Malaysia Day 2023 Savings Galore

Econsave has always been committed to offering its customers the lowest prices without compromising on quality or service. And Malaysia Day is no exception. During this promotion, you can expect to find amazing deals on a wide range of products.


One of the standout deals is the Ah Huat White Coffee Extra Rich. Get a FREE ceramic mug when you purchase 2 packs of 15 sachets for just RM26.90 each! That’s a steal for coffee lovers.


If you’re looking to keep your laundry fresh and clean, the Breeze liquid detergent is a fantastic choice. A 3.6kg pack is priced at just RM18.90. Additionally, if you’d like to stock up on this great deal, you can purchase a whole carton for RM75, making it even more convenient and cost-effective for your laundry needs.


For those snack cravings, Mister Potato potato crisps are available at an irresistible RM2.99 per canister (assorted flavors).


And if you’re planning to cook a delicious pot of chicken stew or curry ayam, or even baked chicken for your family, you can’t go wrong with ayam bahagian atas peha at RM9.99 per kilogram.


Cool Treats

What’s Malaysia Day without some cool treats? Econsave has you covered with a range of ice cream promotions.


Indulge in KitKat or Milo ice cream at RM10.90 for a 750ml pack each. If you’re in the mood for variety, check out the KitKat Milk/Pink (new flavor) ice-cream mini multipack and LA Cremeria ice-cream mini multipack (assorted) for just RM12.50 each.


Plus, there’s a special offer where you can get a free foldable bag with the purchase of any Nestle ice cream worth RM18. It’s the perfect way to enjoy your ice cream on the go.


More Value for Your Money

Econsave is known for its commitment to “Everyday Low Price”.


During the Malaysia Day promotions, you can find deals on products like Perfect Italiano Mozzarella Grated/Pizza Plus (250gm) for just RM15.90 each, Chesdale Cheese Slices (plain, 500gm) for RM18.40 each, Anchor Spreadable butter for RM9.80 each, and Anchor UHT Whipping/Cooking Cream at RM6.20 each.


But the savings don’t stop there. They are also offering a “Beli & Tebus RM8 Pin Tambah Nilai Touch n’ Go” deal. Purchase RM35 worth of Chesdale, Anchor, or Perfect Italiano products, write your full name and NRIC on the receipt, and send it via WhatsApp to redeem your Touch n’ Go credit. It’s a fantastic way to make your shopping experience even more convenient.


Additions for Extra Savings!

Econsave’s Malaysia Day 2023 celebrations just got even more exciting with our latest additions to the promotion. We’re thrilled to offer you fantastic deals on a variety of products that cater to your every need.


Cool and Refreshing Treats

Wall’s Strawberry Yogurt – Indulge in the delightful blend of strawberry and yogurt goodness for just RM12.90 each. Perfect for a refreshing snack or dessert.


Yobick Yogurt Drink (Assorted, 700ml) – Enjoy the smooth and creamy taste of Yobick yogurt drinks for only RM5.70 each. Choose from a variety of flavors to satisfy your taste buds.


Dutch Lady Pure Farm Milk (Assorted, 1L) – Stock up on wholesome goodness with Dutch Lady Pure Farm Milk, available for just RM6.90 per liter. Ideal for the whole family.


Marigold Peel Fresh (Orange/Apple Aloe Vera, 1.89L) – Quench your thirst with the refreshing taste of Marigold Peel Fresh for only RM10.50 per bottle. Choose from orange or apple aloe vera flavors.


Twin Cows Blended Spread (250gm) – Elevate your breakfast with Twin Cows Blended Spread, priced at just RM3.90 each. Spread it on your favorite bread for a tasty start to your day.


Segaria Crispy Fried Chicken (850gm) – Satisfy your cravings with Segaria Crispy Fried Chicken, available for RM13.90 each. It’s the perfect quick and delicious meal option.


Nutriplus Tempura Chicken Nugget (Assorted, 800gm) – Treat yourself to these mouthwatering chicken nuggets for just RM14.90 each. Available in assorted flavors for a delightful snacking experience.


Ayam Pertiwi Chicken Nugget (850gm) – Get your hands on Ayam Pertiwi Chicken Nuggets at an unbeatable price of RM7.50 each. Perfect for a quick and tasty meal.


Mega Fresh Beef Meatball (1kg) – Make hearty meals with Mega Fresh Beef Meatballs, priced at only RM12.50 each. They’re a versatile addition to your kitchen.


Saudi Meat Frankfurter (300gm) – Enjoy the savory goodness of Saudi Meat Frankfurters for just RM5.20 each. Great for hot dogs, snacks, or as a side dish.


Figo Japanese Dumpling (Assorted, 200gm) – Dive into the flavors of Japan with Figo Japanese Dumplings. Choose from Kimchi, Chicken, or Prawn flavors, all available at affordable prices.


Rich Mama Love Fish Tofu (200gm) – Try the Rich Mama Love Fish Tofu for RM5.20 each. It’s a tasty and nutritious option for your meals.


Emborg Onion Rings (450gm) – Elevate your snack game with Emborg Onion Rings, priced at RM13.50 each. They’re crispy and flavorful, perfect for sharing.


KG Bun (Kaya/Vegetable) – Savor the delightful taste of KG Buns, available in Kaya or Vegetable flavors for just RM5.30 each. They make for a satisfying snack or light meal.

2023 Malaysia Day Promo - Econsave

Exclusive Anniversary Offer

Econsave is celebrating its anniversary, and they have a special treat for you. With any purchase of Wall’s take-home ice cream products worth RM25 and above, you’ll receive a free Wall’s cooler bag. It’s a limited-time offer, so make sure you grab it while you can.


Celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival

As Malaysia Day coincides with the Mid-Autumn Festival, Econsave is your one-stop shop for mooncakes. They have a delightful selection from various brands, including KLT, Baker’s Cottage, Tai Thong, Casa Hana, Yu Ai, and Yong Sheng. Prices range from RM11.99 to RM19.50 per pack, ensuring you can celebrate this traditional festival with delicious treats.

Malaysia Day Promo / Mid Autumn Festival Promo - Econsave

In conclusion, Econsave’s Malaysia Day promotions are a testament to their commitment to providing great value to their customers. Whether you’re looking for everyday essentials, indulgent treats, oral care products, beauty items, or mooncakes, Econsave has it all at unbeatable prices. Don’t miss out on these fantastic deals and celebrate Malaysia Day with Econsave!

*Prices featured above are based on a promotion catalogue dated: 1/09/2023 – 12/09/2023. Terms and conditions apply.

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