Let’s Save Tugether At Econsave!

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February 15, 2023
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Let’s Save Tugether At Econsave!

econsave Chinese New Year 2023 save tugether

Counting days to Chinese New Year—this 22nd January 2023! This year is the year of Hope, symbolised by the Rabbit in the Chinese zodiac sign for longevity, peace and prosperity. Interestingly, the Rabbit is known as ‘Tù’ in Chinese, which fits perfectly with Econsave’s mission as we celebrate togetherness in 2023.


We are bringing back our unmatchable deals in Econsave’s Chinese New Year Promotion, “LET’S SAVE TUGETHER AT ECONSAVE!”. Don’t miss out on all the great deals for your festive shopping needs in Econsave’s Chinese New Year Promotion!


Econsave-kan ada for LEBIH PILIHAN & HARGA TERENDAH!!! Hop to ECONSAVE now and add it all to your shopping cart. Tak tau nak beli apa? We’ve compiled your must-haves this Chinese New Year with amazing deals!

econsave Chinese New Year 2023 save tugether - lokam

1. Luck, prosperity & bounty: Lokam!

What is CNY without oranges? The sweet and juicy Lokam Oranges are a Chinese New Year tradition. They represent success, wealth, and bounty! As it symbolise good fortune, enjoy one as a treat, share one as a gift, or keep one on hand as a friendly reminder. With Econsave, you can get S size Lokam at only RM13.88. If you want to give to your friends or family, check out our Lokam Gift Pack from RM29.88 to RM36.88.

econsave Chinese New Year 2023 save tugether

2. The Ultimate Must-Have: Nian Gao!

Nian Gao or Kuih Bakul (new year’s cake), is a sweet rice cake composed of sticky rice flour and sugar are commonly served during the Chinese New Year, which has a symbolic meaning in Chinese culture. The Chinese character for “Nian Gao” sounds like “year high,” which represents an increase in wealth, promotion, or the development of one’s offspring. Many people enjoy eating this sweet treat around the Lunar New Year celebration. That’s why eating Nian Gao on Chinese New Year’s Day is so auspicious. With Econsave, you can get different sizes of Nian Gao from RM1.48-RM10.38.

econsave Chinese New Year 2023 save tugether

3. Steamboat & Vegetables for Chinese New Year Reunion Dinner

It would be wise to make a dish with popular greens during the Chinese New Year, such as Kailan and Pak Choy. They are great staples for stir-frying or steamboats served at a Chinese New Year reunion dinner. Get it now at unmatchable prices from RM2.88 per kg for Pak Choy to RM3.38 per packet for Kailan. Steamboat is only complete with lots of ingredients! At Econsave frozen section, you can find a wide range of products from Seafood Steamboat Combo, Tofu, Fish & Yuba and many more from various brands such as Figo, LP, Fusipim, EB from RM2.58-RM16.58.

4. More RICE, more abundance!

Most Chinese households rely on rice as a staple food, so it’s symbolic to fill a bucket to the brim with the grain as a symbol of prosperity. It’s wonderful to have enough rice to eat throughout the year, which is why Econsave stocks a wide variety of rice and offers discounts—from fragrant rice to basmati rice, and whole grain varieties for those who prefer a healthier diet. All from RM13.88 to RM52.88 of 2KG, 5KG and 10kg rice bags.


You can find many more products in the Econsave store this Chinese New Year, from cleaning tools, food, gifts, snack, and daily needs with the greatest deals so that you can save while shopping with us. With every purchase of RM80.00 & above in a single receipt, you can get a FREE ANGPOW PACK!


Also, jangan lupa tau check out products from Econsave brands: Shamoji, Sabichi & many more this festive season 🏮🍊

Did you know? Econsave has been awarded 5 times as Champion in Price Comparison for “Lowest Price Fresh Product” and “Lowest Price Grocery Product” categories by Hargapedia. So, hurry and start shopping with Econsave.

*Prices featured above are based on a promotion catalogue dated: 06/01/2023–24/01/2023. Terms and conditions apply.

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