It's our primary goal for our customers to pay less yet attaining the best value of a product at Econsave. To achieve that, we bring in our Econsave Brand product at the lowest price possible with utmost guarantee on safety and quality of the product. Our Econsave Brand product consist of a wide variety of selections ranging from cooking oil to detergent.


Our E&S Clothing and Accessories Series present trending and fashionable style under a whole range of wardrobe essentials for men, women and children. You can find everything you need for your wardrobe collection right here such as casual wear, sportswear, innerwear, shoes, bags and accessories.


Shamoji represents our own range of affordable and high-quality kitchenwares, cookwares, kitchen utensils and other kitchen essentials. Be spoilt for a variety selection of kitchenwares that fit every style, budget and kitchen needs.


Our supermarket is incomplete without Electrical Appliances and we are proud to present our own brand of Sabichi, Salco and Matsutech that offer home appliances, latest IT gadgets and accessories at an affordable price. Rest assured that despite the affordable price tag, our electrical product are in compliance with SIRIM standard and are certified with SIRIM label and unique serial numbers.

*Do check out our other brands available in our supermarket:

  • Fresh Nature-Canfood
  • Ocean Nature-Canfood
  • Hui Long-Canfood
  • Sakura Collection-Clothing and Accesories
  • Ballas-School Shoes
  • and more are coming.